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This game is still under development, but if you got it in a bundle you will have access to the full version when it comes out.

You are a small frog with a really big tongue, and you somehow got caught up in an even bigger mess.

Stick your slimy tongue to fling yourself through danger, and save the day in this adventurous and challenging frog-based 2D platformer!

- Features -

  • Stick to surfaces, pull levers and boulders, and do more with your tongue!
  • Levels designed to be explored and challenged
  • Boss fights against mythical creatures!
  • A bunch of tasty flies ready to be eaten!

- Planned stuff! -

  • More regions each with a unique look, mechanics and bosses
  • Extra challenging levels
  • Stop immeasurable evil from taking over!
  • Texto em Português Brasileiro

- In development by -

Game Design, Code: @brukerotan

In-game and Cutscene Art: @SaoriCih

Game Design: @jurtheshrimp

Music: Ivo Kai

Banner Art: @RenanStar


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Kero-Go! Beta Demo 64 MB
Kero-Go! Beta Demo 65 MB

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Any updates?

Is this game finished? I got it in a bundle and it said "nothing available to download".


It's not finished yet, only the demos are available (on the game's page). 
Just to be clear, if you bought it in the bundle you will have the full version when it comes out, that's why we included it there.


take your time!! I'm so excited for whenever y'all are done, this looks lovely

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Got this in the big bundle but there are no downloads?

The game's not out yet, only the demos are available to download (on the game's page). If you bought the bundle you will be able to download the full game when it comes out.

Relatively challenging platformer that is currently still in Beta and not content complete. However, even in that state, it already shows great promise and the developer wisely included some extra challenging collectibles you can try to get if you want to stay just a bit longer in this world. Controls could use a bit more polish, but overall good level design and seriously fun boss fight. 3,5/5

More Itch Bundle impressions: https://tomalexi.itch.io/
Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/YTPList


i am dogshit but it was still fun


The game is so prettyyyyy! A bit too difficult to play for me but definitely fun for those who are better at platform games :3


Thanks!! We have an Assist Mode planned where you will be able to customize things such as the game's speed so more people can play :D


Delightful demo! The mechanics and aesthetics are both quite strong. The last phase of the boss fight was really tough! 33 deaths for that stage here.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :)


I absolutely loved this beta! I'm so excited for the full game release, I'll definitely be following for more updates! Music, graphics, art etc. 10/10!


My full playthrough YouTube video! 🐸


yay I won!!!

real good game 


OMG SUPA  GOOD but you should make an download for apple


Really great game! You guys were in my latest video!


That was really fun! Thanks!

yas yas yas sooo fun (am I acting like a lunatic?)


bad game


very good but a little bit repetitive


The flies are mandatory, whether you say they are or not!


El juego es divertido, estresante y complejo sin percibirlo hasta que decides tomar 
todas las moscas… Y te das cuenta de que cada como “puzle” es más complejo cada 
vez… Y terminas pensando “no son tan necesarias” 
Me gusto bastante y espero que los creadores lo hagan mas complejo y saquen mas 
parte de la historia.