We recommend the downloadable version for the best experience (gamepad support and perfomance). Disable "Bloom and Blur" if you have perfomance issues.

- A froglike platformer -
Something fishy is going on with this world.

You are a small frog with a really big tongue, and you somehow got caught up in this even bigger mess.

So, you know what you must do! Stick your slimy frog tongue in a bunch of unsanitary places to bounce around and save the world! Pull stuff with it, or hook it to questionable surfaces to leap to 'em!

- What's planned? -

  • More platforms! More jumps! Spikes! Impending doom!
  • Boss fights!
  • Multiple worlds each with a unique look, and new mechanics.

- The team -

Programming, Design: @brunokerotan

Game/Teaser Art: @SaoriCih

Design: @jurtheshrimp

Music: Ivo Kai

Cover Art: @RenanStar

- Notes -
This game is still under development. The current version is a short demo and does not represent the final product.

Known issue: Even if you don't die a single time, the death counter may still show that you died once.

Install instructions

Unzip the file and open "Kero-Go!.exe".


Kero-Go! Alpha (Windows).zip 29 MB


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yay I won!!!

real good game 


OMG SUPA  GOOD but you should make an download for apple


Really great game! You guys were in my latest video!


That was really fun! Thanks!

yas yas yas sooo fun (am I acting like a lunatic?)


bad game


very good but a little bit repetitive


The flies are mandatory, whether you say they are or not!


El juego es divertido, estresante y complejo sin percibirlo hasta que decides tomar 
todas las moscas… Y te das cuenta de que cada como “puzle” es más complejo cada 
vez… Y terminas pensando “no son tan necesarias” 
Me gusto bastante y espero que los creadores lo hagan mas complejo y saquen mas 
parte de la historia.